Instructions to Authors

The papers to be submitted to the Journal of Indian Mathematical Society must be typed on LateX, and a Pdf copy of the paper must be submitted on line at:

However, when the paper has been accepted for publication, the authors will be asked to submit the Latex file along with eps files of all their figures and diagrams as well as the pdf file of their accepted paper. Manuscripts (including bibliographies, tables etc.) should be types double spaced on A4 size white paper with 1 in (2.5cm) margins on all sides with font size 11 points in Latex. The format (various sections) of the paper should be according to the following order: Title, Abstract, Key Words and Phrases, Mathematics Subject Classification 2000, Text, References. The following preamble is recommended for typing on Latex:


\usepackages{amsfonts, amssymb, amscd, amsmath, enumerate, verbatim}








Sections should appear in the following order : Title Page, Abstract, Text, Notes and References. Comments or replies to previously published articles should also follow this format with the exception of abstracts.

Title Page:

The Title page should include the manuscript title, authors’ names & permanent affiliations and the name, address & e-mail address of the author to whom page proofs and reprints are required to be sent.


The following page should include an abstract of not more than 100 words, a list of two to six key words and AMS subject classification (2010).


The text of the manuscript should begin on a new page. The introduction should have heading number 1. Subsequent section headings (including appendices) should be designated by Hindu-Arabic numerals (2,3,…etc.) and subsection headings should be numbered 2.1, 2.2, etc. Figures, tables and displayed equations should be numbered consecutively throughout the text (1, 2,… etc.). Equation numbers should appear flush left in parentheses and running variables for equation (e.g., i =1,2,…, n) flush right in parentheses.


Responsibility for the accuracy of bibliographic citations lies entirely with the Authors. References in the body of the text should be in cross-reference style ((\cite{}) mode in LaTeX). Example: “… as mentioned in (\cite{}, \cite{}), Ramanujan (\cite{}) obtained the following result …”. references In the list at the end should be in alphabetical order of last name (not initials) and should be in bibliographic cross references mode/style.

Reference to a journal publication:
[1]. Birkhoff, G., Neutral elements in general lattices,
Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 46 (1940), 702–705.

In LaTeX,
\bibitem{Birk} Birkhoff, G., \textit{Neutral elements in general lattices}, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. {\bf{46}}(1940), 702–705.

Reference to a book:
[1]. Munkres, J., Elements of Algebraic Topology,
Addison–Wesley, 1984.

In LaTeX,
\bibitem{Munkrs} Munkres, J., \textit{Elements of Algebraic Topology}, Addison–Wesley, 1984.

Illustration Style: Originals for illustrations should be sharp and of good contrast. Each Figure and Table should be mentioned in the text and numbered consecutively using Hindu-Arabic numerals. For each Figure and Table, its desired location in the text should be clearly specified. Each Figure and Table must have a caption. Example of proper style for captions : “Figure 1” or “Table 1”. Suggested Figure formats are : TIFF, GIF, EPS, PPT and Postscript. Files should be at least 300 dpi.