On Subtractive Ideals of (m; n)-semirings


  • M. J. College, Department of Mathematics, Jalgaon, 425 002, India
  • Dhanaji Nana Mahavidyalaya, Department of Mathematics, Faizpur, 425 503, India


Let R be a commutative (m, n)-semiring with an identity element. It is proved that every partitioning ideal of R is a subtractive ideal. Also if I is a partitioning ideal of R, then a relation between the set of subtractive ideals (subtractive prime ideals) of R containing I and the set of subtractive ideals (subtractive prime ideals) of the quotient (m, n)-semiring R/I(Q) is obtained.


(m, n)-semiring, Subtractive ideal, Partitioning ideal, Quotient (m, n)-semiring

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