Some Biharmonic Problems on the Tangent Bundle with a Berger-type Deformed Sasaki Metric


  • University of Mascara, Department of Mathematics, Algeria
  • University of Bechar, Department of Mathematics, Bechar, 08000, Algeria
  • University of Mostaganem, Department of Mathematics, Laboratory of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Mostaganem, 27000, Algeria


Let (M2k,Φ,g) be an almost anti-paraKahler manifold and TM its tangent bundle equipped with the Berger type deformed Sasaki metric gBS and the paracomplex structure Φ˜. In this paper, we deal with the biharmonicity of canonical projection π : TM →M and a vector field X which is considered as a map X : M → TM.


Berger type deformed Sasaki metric, anti-paraKahler manifold, harmonic maps, biharmonic map

Subject Discipline

Differential Geometry

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